Questions for Davar Azarbeygui

If you are not doing an in-person interview, please begin your recording by repeating the question. For best results—if you don't have a professional microphone and recording software—just record yourself in a quiet space with your smartphone's voice memos or notes app in your car or in a closet full of clothes.

Welcome to the show. For our listeners who don't know you, would you mind introducing yourself?

Q1. At what point in your life did you realize you were creative? And, how did you come to that realization?

Q2. Do you think that discovery — being creative — changed your outlook on what you would do professionally, and how you perceived yourself and the personal image you projected?

Q3. During your educational safari, you seem to have come to a crossroads where you were presented with having to decide between being an architect or being a designer. Can you tell me how you got to that point, and how you ended up choosing the path of a designer?

Q4. Much of the earlier part of your career was steeped in the healthcare niche. How did you feel about it at that time? And, looking back, how do you feel about it today? In other words, how do you think it impacted you both professionally and creatively?

Q5. You've had a rather incredible geographic journey throughout your career, as well. Can you talk about what that was like, and how it affected you personally and as a designer? In other words, do you think it made you more aware and perhaps it expanded your visual vocabulary?

Q6. What made you decide to take the giant leap from megalithic design houses to start your own endeavor? And, has this changed how you create?

Q7. So, you also dove into being an educator at a top design school. What catalyzed that for you? And, what are you learning from being a Design Instructor?

Q8. Do you have any words of wisdom you care to impart?